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Quicktime + screencap = help me!

say i d/l a movie trailer, and want to take some screencaps... its a .mov, so i open it in quicktime, take the captures, and the world is happy - until recently

the program I use (PrintKey2000...this issue comes up just copying d-top w/ PrtScn and importing to image prog too) used to work just fine with quicktime movies, but not with mpeg or the like (no biggie, have other prog for that anyway) BUT NOW when I take a screencap of quicktime, its as if it was an mpeg - blackness where image should be

so my question: what could have happened that caused me to lose that ability, and what can i do to remedy it/ what plugins can i use somewhere in something to take a screencap of a .mov?

(yes, did a few searches in threads here, but found nothing useful)

... dont have that option :(

interesting side note - last night i was able to take some caps of a .mov that I had just downloaded... and i still can

not with the other file, however... corrupted, perhaps, somehow?

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