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Quicktime & Firefox Issue


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Just read your neowin thread, see you've tried both QT Lite as well as QT and neitehr work on facebook (even after QT reinstall). Have you tried it with a different browser? Perhaps it's a FF issue?


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I already assume it's a Firefox issue.

I also know that people are using it with Firefox without issues. Hoping for a solution, but so far I have found none.


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I notice the same thing with facebook and quicktime. It appears to be localized on the chat only, for me anyhow. At first I was thinking that it was the adds. But then I narrowed it down. I also noticed that I never had the issue till I got the latest issue of firefox. So I think it is one or the other as far as firefox or facebook. I can't say if it is happening on ie or not, as I removed ie and wmp from my pc.


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Yea, I am waiting for the latest Firefox to be released, and hopefully a Quicktime update around the same time, and see if things get better.


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I installed quick time alternative. It didn't make a difference. I will not put the full version of quick time in ...

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I already assume it's a Firefox issue.

I also know that people are using it with Firefox without issues. Hoping for a solution, but so far I have found none.
Well if other people are using it without issue then it is a problem on YOUR pc.

Maybe something you run that others do not is causing an issue.
Have you tried disabled all the addons?


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Everytime there is an issue people say disable all addons. It's a good idea except when you have 50+ addons, disabling all of them can cause more issues. Firefox 3.5 is out today so I will see what happens.


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I am waiting for my Firefox 3.5 to self update, and then I will also make sure I do have the latest quicktime, or I will reinstall it as well. Hopefully it will be fixed.


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Yea I just went to the Help Menu and Check for Updates, just updated.

Many of my extensions are not working, man I hate that.

Issue is still happening, at least with Facebook. Also won't play or download Apple trailers. Those are the 2 things I need and tested. Getting so pissed now.

So I have Firefox 3.6 and the latest Quicktime just downloaded. Same issues, well Firefox would crash before when I tried downloading a trailer, now it just gives some weird error message. So a bit better.
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I am thinking at this point that it has to be a extension that you installed. I only have three extensions that I use and updating the browser and installing the new quicktime fixed the issue.


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This is my extension list. I wouldn't know where to start. I'd rather not disable all at once. The ones that are disabled are only like that because of 3.6.

Generated: Thu Jan 21 2010 17:01:32 GMT-0500 (Eastern Standard Time)
User Agent: Mozilla/5.0 (Windows; U; Windows NT 6.1; en-US; rv:1.9.2) Gecko/20100115 Firefox/3.6
Build ID: 20100115144158

Enabled Extensions: [39]
- Adblock Plus 1.1.3
- Battlefield Heroes Updater
- Better Gmail 2 0.9.8
- Better GReader 0.8.3
- Boost for Facebook 9.8.6
- CLEO 4.3
- ColorfulTabs 4.1
- Coral IE Tab 1.63.20091024
- Download Statusbar
- Extended Statusbar 1.5.4
- Fasterfox Lite 3.8.2Lite
- FEBE 6.3.2
- Fission 1.0.9
- Forecastfox
- ImageHost Grabber 1.6.3
- Integrated Gmail 2.5.2
- Java Console 6.0.12
- Java Console 6.0.18
- LastPass 1.64.4
- Linkification 1.3.7
- LocationbarĀ² 1.0.4
- Menu Editor 1.2.6
- MR Tech Toolkit 6.0.4
- Organize Status Bar 0.6.4
- Personas 1.5.1
- RAMBack 1.0
- Save File to 1.4
- Screengrab 0.96.2
- Searchbar Autosizer 1.4.5
- SearchPreview 4.0
- Shareaholic 1.9.6
- SkipScreen 0.3.20091214_AMO
- Smart Bookmarks Bar 1.4.3
- StumbleUpon 3.52
- Stylish 1.0.7
- Tab Mix Plus
- URL Fixer 1.6
- Web Developer 1.1.8
- Xmarks 3.4.3

Disabled Extensions: [11]
- Better GCal 0.3
- Compact Menu 2 2.3.3
- CustomizeGoogle 0.76
- CuteMenus2 3.1
- Exch 1.4.5
- Favicon Picker 2
- Gmail Manager
- gReactions 0.1e
- Tab History 1.0.6
- TabRenamizer 0.9.6
- Update Notifier

Total Extensions: 50

Installed Themes: [1]
- Default

Installed Plugins: (14)
- EA Battlefield Heroes Updater
- getPlusPlus for Adobe 16253
- IE Tab Plug-in
- IGN Download Manager Plug-in
- Java Deployment Toolkit
- Java(TM) Platform SE 6 U18
- Media Go Detector
- Microsoft Office 2010
- Mozilla Default Plug-in
- PDF-XChange Viewer
- QuickTime Plug-in 7.6.5
- Shockwave Flash
- Silverlight Plug-In
- Windows LiveĀ® Photo Gallery


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do this. back up firefox, uninstall it, then reinstall it with nothing added and see what it does ... then you will know if it is an extension or not.

The only extension I have on that list is tabmix plus. I did have adblocker, but it was keeping me from going to some sites - Like turbo tax for example.


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That is more work then just disabling all of them lol

I guess disabling is my only option to find out.

So I disabled all extensions, both apple trailers and facebook still do not work. So it has to do with Quicktime and Firefox itself.
Kinda surprised FF runs at all w/ 50+/- extensions. Oh and I'd uninstall the older version of Java you have (2 versions can be troublesome for java things).


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Yea I noticed that after posting it. Removed it right away.

Really, I have been using 30 - 50 extensions for years and years now. Sure it's a bit slow to open, but I tend to leave it running for days and days. And yes it uses many resources but I still think that's more of a Firefox issue by itself.

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