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Quick Mobo question


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A friend of mine is going to give me a X700 vid card when he upgrades to the X850. Problem is, is that the X700 is a PCI-E card and my current mobo doesn't support it. Which means that I would have to buy another new mobo (I just got this one :dead: ). I am also concerned about my processor as it is a Socket A and I havent seen any mobo that support socket A and PCI-E. Can anyone shed some light on this for me?


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So far as I know this does not happen - you gonna have to choose 939 or 754 I think for PCI-E.... there is a thread hanging around on the subject for 939 (my preference) here so have a read and take your pick.....

Or maybe someone else knows other options for PCI-E? I'm prepared to be enlightened, as ever! ;)

[EDIT] a DOH! moment here - that link is for 939 and AGP! thought I would leave it in to give people a laugh at what I can be like in the mornings! hehe [/EDIT]

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