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I have a P4 1.5 with 256 RAM(133) and am currently running Windows XP Pro Corporate. A friend of mine is offering me and extra 256 meg of RAM for a cheap price. I was wondering how much my system would benefit from this sort of upgrade. Is RAM difficult to install? What would need to be configured? Would my crappy TNT2 m64 get any benefit? I've only tinkered around with sound cards and CD-ROMs inside my computer, any advice would be great.

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Ram is probably the easiest of all upgrades. You don't have to do anything but plug it in. Your motherboard will update itself automatically and so will XP. Just unplug your box and make sure you ground yourself to lose any static electricity before shoving it in there.

If you don't mind my asking, how much is your friend charging you?

And yes, an extra 256mb won't hurt. As far as a great speed enhancer, it really depends if you run memory intensive applications or not... like video and photo editing.
30 aussie dollars. Legit too. Sounds good, I might just give him a ring now :D
I wouldn't know an aussie dollar if it bit me, but it sounds reasonable, unless an aussie buck is 3x the value of an american euro, er, dollar.
sounds good as long as it is the right type of ram (assuming it is). Chances are you probably do need the extra ram, probably wont see a difference. But what I would do if i were you is use the extra ram as a page file instead of your hard drive. This will give you some extra speed. I have been considering this myself.
Maximum PC wrote about this in their latest issue.According to their benchmarks,another 256 mb of RAM would help you out.256mb of RAM is their minimum to run Xp.
pc_tek, how to use additional ram as pagefile instead of using harddisk?

where to set it... FYI .i am using WinXP

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