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hey umm bout 2-3 months ago i was online during a storm (stupid idea) and lighting struck and the internet went out and then the computer shut off

when i turned it back on the modem wasnt getting detected and then the computer started to restart by itself and i got a new modem later that week

my dads gf tried to fix my computer but she couldnt get it to stop restarting and she said the lighting might of hit my mother board.

and i was wondering if that is the problem since it stills restarts after 4 fdisks and 4 formats and 5 reinstalls of xp pro also most programs have coruptions when i download them

so can anyone help and tell me if i should by a new mother board now or get the hammer when it comes out since i heard u would need a new mother board to use the hammer

Nick M

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That surge might have screwed some stuff up. I'm surprised it still works; if lightining had actually hit the line the PC was on, I would think it would die right away. Yours still turns on.

Mabye the problem lies within one of the components. Try running without sound card, see what happens. try running with bare minimal. if that still happens, I think it might be the CPU that is causing random restarts.

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Try uninstalling as much hardware as possible then booting up. Maybe try some different ram. If it still reboots then the maybe the mother board is going under that hammer.


Dabba Dooba
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ok then if i take out the sound card and whatever else how i am goin to beable to use the stuff that needs them if thats what is the problem

Nick M

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Actually in the computer. Unscrew, and put somewhere, like on a wood table, where there is supposed to be little ESD. Electro Static Discharge.

Nick M

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You're looking for a faulty component. If you take out your sound card, don't use applications that need music. Just run your computer, and see if it restarts.

Gary Pandher

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i dun think he did yet.......or she
prolly jus wonderin if there's other ways of doing it
buh im pretty sure ur gonna have to take out components from it piece by piece n c if it restarts
once it stops restartin....there's ur fault hardware

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