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Question: Two Linksys WiFi Routers


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Hello all, I have a question regarding two Linksys Wireless Routers. I believe they are WRT54GS's and I wanted to know if I can set one in my room which already is setup and the other one across to another room and use it as an extender if you will? I dont want to run lines into my lawn and through cement to get a signal to the garage......So I was wondering if this will work? Thanks
You want to google for

using WRT54GS as a repeater

I think there's a thread here at OSNN about how to do it, but not sure if it was with your particular router. I'll go digging.

Found this on a Tom's forum.
Updated 6/23/2004 Although Linksys added WDS wireless repeating support to the WRT54G in their V2.02.2 firmware, it did not provide user-accessible controls.

The WRT54G should be able to support wireless repeating if used with another WDS-based device that allows configuring the WDS setup.
Update the firmware to V2.02.2 or later and see if there is a WDS setup option in the menu.
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