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Question on Raid 0



I just bought two 80 gig Ata133 hdds and am expecting my Raid controller card any day now. My question partially has to do with the OS . I am looking to run a Raid 0 configuration.
I know that in software raid the OS is "outside" of the Raid configuration in it's own partition. When utilizing Hardware Raid
does this still hold true or may the OS run through raid as well.
Secondly, since the new drives will be running on the PCI raid controller do I still need to run a drive off of the IDE ?

thanks in advance ..any help would be appreciated !!

Grym ( and anticipating an improvement in speed ) blayd


hardware monkey
if you install the OS on the raid stripe (meaning not on a 3rd hd) then it will run 'throough' the raid.

and you will connect your raid'ed hd's to the raid controller, not the ide connectors on the mobo.
Yes you can install the OS on a RAID array if it runs off RAID hardware. You'll need the driver disk for the installation though (pressing F6 and stuff).


I would and do run the RAID (Promise TX2000) in 1,0 mirror-strip. I use to have the O.S. on the array but to maintain it was a weekly ordeal. In RAID 0 there is no data security i.e. if you loose some data it is gone which means you could find yourself reformatting and starting over. RAID 0 is for speed and it is recommended that you only store files on the array that you can afford to loose. RAID 0 is good for editing, graphics editing etc. When you get done with you project you would save you file off the RAID 0 and onto a more data secure device.

If you are going to use the RAID 0 you should have a 3rd HDD to boot from and store you finale work to. IMHO.......

Here is some information you may want to go over..

Have fun...


Which RAID controller are you going to use? You will also want to use PCI bus mastering if you System board will support it.

I just tried using an older System board and it would not see the RAID controller. The System board was old enough that the latest BIOS update would not support the RAID........ If you should decide to use the RAID 0 to install the O.S. on be sure to partition the RAID drive. I used a 10 Gig partition for the O.S., this way if you do have to reinstall the O.S. you only have to reformat the 10 Gig partition and not the whole drive. --- Just some things I have run into......


Thanks for the good feed back ....btw I am not concerned with data security insofar as mirroring is concerned as I save to an external hard drive and back-up to media as well. Which is not to say that I am not ever going to ...1 step at a time.

The controller that I have purchased is a SIIG Ultra ata133 pci raid ctrlr. It runs Raid 1,.. 0, .. and 0,1

I have done some reading comparing 1, 0 and 0, 1 and most people seem to rely more on 1, 0 aka Raid10.

Thanks again !

Grym ( 'cause noone invited me to the parity ) blayd

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