Question on changing drive ID of XP Pro after deleting lower partition.



I have installed XP Pro as drive E:, on a system that already has DOS (drive C:) and NT (drive D:). I have converted everything over from NT to XP and am satisfied to the point that I am now ready to get rid of NT completely.

I would like to delete the NT partition to free the space and modify the XP partition from its current drive ID of E: to D:. I know that drive letters, accessed by XP, can be changed as I have changed my CDROM to drive T:. But what about changing everything else on the partition so that it still works? Path names, Shortcuts, etc.

I did this type of operation years ago when I blew away Win 3.1. The easy part was changing the Environment Variables and the Registry. The hard part was modifying all of the program shortcuts. a few on the desktop but mostly on the Start Menu.

It took about 10 hours to do all of the work and it was very tedious. In the end there were only two applications that I had to re-install, presumably, because they stored their run-time data in private files. But, in the end, the operation was successful.

I don't want to do this again if I can avoid it. Can anyone suggest an easier way? Are there any tools available to automate the process. Surely there is someone else who has, or wants to, do the same thing. Thanks in Advance.


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I tried to change Drive letters in XP with DriveMapper but it cant alter the Primary partition, XPs own diskmanagement tools cant either. I had to reinstall XP just to get it on C as primary drive letter.


I am replying to my own thread. The thought occurred to me that I might have to install a 2nd copy of XP above the partition I want to change, just so I can get into it with tools like Partition Magic, etc. PM used to include a program called Magic Mover that could move individual apps. But I want to "move" (change) everything. My brute force manual method may be the only way. Please keep those tips coming, they are appreciated.

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I don't think there is a way to change the drive letter to where xp has been installed apart from formatting. Third party apps might work as has been suggested but moving all those files, in my opinion is fraught with danger. A clean install is the way to go.


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I came here hoping for a solution to a similar problem I have found my self in.
I have just wiped out my old Win 2000 on my C Drive as I used it only for testing and my main OP's win 2000 is on D Drive, I made up a test of Windows xp and checked if it could do what I wanted and generally have a look at it. I decided that I wanted to use it more and as it was on a removable drive I would image it with Drive image 6 and copy it to my Original C Drive on my main system. This all went to OK a few teething problems but nothing to drastic and I thought it was stable, so rebooted a few times to make sure and then re booted to my Win 2000 on D Drive when I got there only to find after Win 2000 has seen new hardware that my C Drive was no longer C Drive but had been moved to the last letter available being my L Drive.
So now I have no C Drive only in XP and can't seem to get around this problem with Win2000 and of course everything on the first partition of my main Drive that would have been C drive is now showing up last in the listing of drives.
Any help guys?


Thanks was hoping to find an easier soloution than this, but thanks for the reply.
I did one more thing I deleted the partion and made the first partion unallocated space and restored the image to there but that came back with the same results. Being an ACTIVE partion can't change drive letter.
Again thanks for the reply


Problem Solved

HOW TO: Change the System/Boot Drive Letter in Windows;en-us;Q223188
Cannot Change System Volume Drive Letter After Setup;en-us;Q223769

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