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question for people with Vista Business


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I asked this in the Power of Together thread, but didn't get a response...

Does Vista Business have Windows Movie Maker?

I have heard conflicting reports that it has been dropped completely (XP Pro has Movie Maker) or that it is still there, but doesn't have HD functionality. I have my Power of Together disc waiting to be installed, but I also don't have a backup video editor right now and am going to hold off if Movie Maker isn't included in business. Any help?



Woah.. I'm still here?
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You may want to wait a little bit for some people to respond before starting new threads.. sometimes in longer threads like the power of together, some posts are missed among the clutter..

That being said, according to Microsoft's product comparison chart, Vista business is listed as having Windows Movie Maker.

Having seen Vista Business, I can verify that it does have Movie Maker.. it does not have the full Media Center and it does NOT have the capability to work with HD which is limited to the Home Premium and Ultimate versions.


Woah.. I'm still here?
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The chart you linked to lists Home Premium as NOT having Movie Maker -- that's a little weird, no?
yes.. but I can tell you what I know.. All versions of Vista include Movie Maker.

Home Premium and Ultimate include the full Media Center (which is listed on the chart as well) and will allow you to work with HD content.

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