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Question for Iceman


hefty lefty

As a personal friend of Tom Cruise I was wondering if You could warn him of an important fact I noticed today.
All of the movieswith three words in the title he has been in have sucked d*#k.
Eyes wide shut(Stanley why have thou forsaken me)
Far and Away(The worst)
Days of thunder (ok sorry this one is the worst)
and though im stretching for this one Mission Impossible two
(Two bikers run into each other flat out and then continue to fist fight for another hour, I mean what the f'in hell is the matter with John Woo)

I really think you should tell him about this.

hefty lefty

Yeah they are now
At first there was a lot of animosity because of fierce competition.
but then tom saved Icemans ass.
So there good buddies now it was all in this documentary I watched, I think it was on the discovery channel(Or was it HBO?)
hefty lefty the last time I had lunch with Tom, we parted on unpleasent terms, so it might be awhile before I see him again. Anything else you want me to tell him the next time ? I liked Ghost in the Darkness better then Top Gun.



OSNN Senior Addict
tell him blinden sends his regards concerning goose. That brought a tear to my eye when I heard about the tradgedy that took place there.

hefty lefty

Yes Iceman there is something I would like you to ask him,
"Penelope Cruise for Nicole Kidman ARE YOU INSANE"I mean I always thought he was weird because of the whole scientology thing but my lord what was he thinking?

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