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Question for anyone using OFFICE XP PRO



I just recently installed ms outlook from my office xp pro cd...now heres the problem, you know when you open outlook and an outlook screen pops up saying This is Registered to: so and so, and the tiny legal claims at the bottom.. well my problem is that it says:

Registered: Unknown user
uninstalled version

however when i go to Help-About Microsoft Outlook, it says it is registered to me!

I am really confused as to why this is happening and im worried....any suggestions as to fixing this?


Does it affect the program itself? If nto, then don't bother...

If you are rally curious just use regedit and find user keys for Office XP Pro

Electronic Punk

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What are the advantages over Outlook and the free express version, I never install it because I fel previous versions were bloatware !


well, I installed Microsoft Outlook 2002, not because I needed to use it! It was because I wanted to use the MSoffice logo, so I installed full! :D

I don't even use Outlook nor Outlook Express, but by opening Outlook, I think there's more options? Not sure. I only use Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and Frontpage XP. Nothing else! :p

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