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Hi Allan,

Just thinking, if having a dynamic paging file is not as good as having one with static parameters, due to fragmentation, wouldn't the same thing hold true for pre fetch?...and if so, can we change the perameters of pre fetch to address that issue?



Prefetch is a folder of recently and/or frequently accessed files (a cache). It is the first place the computer looks for files that need to be loaded at boot-up or when a program is loaded from within Windows. It operates exactly the same way a browser's cache does, storing recently visited url's and looking within the cache first when you want to revisit that url (depending on your settings for the cache). So when you hit the "back" button on your browser you are not reloading the page, you are calling up the page from the cache - that's why it isn't updated until you hit "refresh" or "reload".

Paging file (swap file, virtual memory) is a file. It's a reserved area on the hard drive that tricks the computer into thinking it is ram so if / when the system needs more memory, it uses the paging file. If the paging file is managed by windows it will expand and contract dynamically and the files on it will become fragmented, in no small way slowing things down. But if you define the precise size of the paging file, it remains the same size (static) thus minimizing the fragmentation (though certainly not eliminating it completely since files will be moved in and out).

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Originally posted by allan
And by the way, what is that .gif supposed to be?
well, I'm glad you asked, Allan....that gif is quite simply, nothing more then a fujism...anyway, lywhile you're here, dirk showed me something, which is probably how that domains myth got started with the power toys, it seems like with power toys, when you go to the log on option, it gives the option to log in to a domain....I don't know if the option works, as I have no domain to experiment with, and I don't know if even if the option works, if that's not somehow otherwise available to a home user, but, that's obviously where the rumor started...your thoughts?

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Originally posted by xsivforce
You're so fujilarious. ;)

as always, good to see you,oh skull dude....btw, I'm glad you found all of those clues I left for you, about the alternate universe, only people with fujistic quality's sould have deciphered the map, I cryptically laid out

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