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I have a BEFSR41 Router. I have 4 computers connected into it. 3 out of the 4 can access the internet. The 4th is a 98SE and I can't get on the internet. The network picks it up, but can't surf the web with it. My router is setup not to act as DHCP. I have assigned IP to each of them myself. I setup the router as the gateway.

uplink empty
Port 1 WinXP
Port 2 WinXP
Port 3 Win98SE
Port 4 Win98SE > can't connect.
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Check your cable. The cable might be bad (or of the wrong type). Bad cables can still cause the link light to stay on, but the packet loss is massive.

Can you ping the internal IP of the router from that PC that does not work? Or any of the other computers?

If you can see and talk to the 4th computer on the LAN then all cables, protocols and connections are fine.

Try a large file transfer from #1 or 2 to #4 and check the data rate. It should be ~1.2 mega BYTES per second it's a 10mbit network, over 10 megabytes per second if its a 100megabit network. If rates are in that ball park there is no substantial data packet loss.

Make sure all the settings on the 4th machine are the same as those on the third (it's using 98 and surfing).

Check if #4 has a firewall installed that is limited to LAN only.

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