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think that would depend on how "good" you're looking for. As i'm sure you know, Rocketfish is the Best Buy brand (which is why you can sometimes find cases that look pretty identical to the more big-name companies, slapped with a Rocketfish logo). Judging by the looks of that sound card.... it seems to be an older Creative Audigy.... possibly lower end Audigy 2.

Not sure what kind of budget you were looking at..... or what kind of sound quality you were looking for.... but right now i'm using an Auzentech X-Fi Prelude, and i highly recommend it. Also hear the X-Fi Forte is quite good too. Only downside is they're not on the lower end of the price bracket... but you'd be getting some excellent sound quality assuming you have a decent set of speakers.

X-Fi Prelude:

X-Fi Forte:
You may also want to look at the asus xonar range if you are not looking at gaming much as the higher quality DAC's and analogue outputs rival most home stereo and multichannel receivers.

My Xonar D2 outperforms my Yamaha DSP AX-620 and a friends Arcam A85 and P95 amplifiers for instance.


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or, if u do wanna game a lot, ur cheapest choice would be the x-fi titanium pciE (99$)

i think any card below that it's just not worth it, in that case u should stay with ur onboard solution.


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ElementalDragon I wasn't aware they were a Bestbuy brand, though not too surprised by that fact since that seems to be the only place I've seen their products. I knew Dynex was the Bestbuy brand. Also one of those is not of much value to me for this system as it doesn't have a PCIe port

The system I'm looking to put it in is mainly mp3's and video listening and watching with the odd game.

LordOfLA been looking at Asus card for a while but nobody locally carries it and I believe it would be a special order if I deal with the repair shop that I know the tech at but might see about it.

epk as I said this system is mainly not for gaming, I built one that is used mainly for that which has Audigy 2 in it I believe

Thanks for the feedback and if you think of anything else feel free to add it

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