Queens of the Stoneage



yeah but I have only heard one song from them.... I fear they will become a 1 hit wonder...


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What's with this sudden rash of CRAP? Queens of the Stone Age, The Vines, The Used, The White Stripes... It all sounds outdated and annoys the hell out of me...

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Actually, Queens of the stone age been around the block for couple of years, they aren't new...

I'm actually not a big fan of them, but they sound much better then half of the "things" people for some reason call clasics...
theyve had around 4 albums or something, but they recently got a boost in popularity, with that single they have out 'no one knows' its been played over and over and over again, taking what i now refer to as the 'nickleback' path. ie. sucking every last drop of life out of the song, then realising another and doing the same until everyone eventually hates you.

they are pretty good, but they'll most likely fade away after 'no one knows' is finally drained of the little life it originally had.


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One of the members is Dean Ween from the band Ween.

The drummer on the latest album is Dave Groel from the Foo fighters too.

It's a good album. Real tight band too. Worth listening to.


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Queens of the stone age are one of the best bands out there man, they have done so many great things, alot with other bands too!!!


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Well...maybe not. But its cool that Dean Weener (The was is out...) and Groel participated in this album. BTW....I heard that the band hates their name.

It was something that they were screwing around with and just kind of stuck...

Any ideas?


I downloaded a few tracks I heard from songs for the deaf before it was realeased, then when I bought the album it sounded different. I was pretty dissapointed, they sounded more like an old 70's rock band than what I had heard online. Go with the flow is a pretty good song though.


yeah yeah yeah, based on the last post date, I'm just a few days late here but.....

QotSA got their "boost" from their single on The Blair Witch 2 soundtrack (Feel Good Hit of the Summer -- how can ya go wrong with the lyrics "Nicotine, Valium, Vicadin, Marijuana, Xtasy, and Alcohol....")....I thought it was a cool song, snagged their new album when it came out, listened to it, was unimpressed, listed to it again, nope still wasn't impressed, so I listened to it a third time then deleted it. They suck. But then, I have very strange tastes in music so......

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