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Q: How to mass-transfer data from one spreadsheet to another

I am creating nice-looking spreadsheets from raw data spreadsheets from my employee team. What I need to do is transfer, say, cell E22 from one spreadsheet into cell A4 on another. Is there a way to do them en masse? Or maybe have a spreadsheet that does something to the effect of "=[DATA FROM E22 from the other file goes here]"

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Cut and insert rows or columns, or cut and paste.

I just finished a course on Office Ultimate 07. Alot of hugely nice features, and ALOT more stuff to do.

If you have relevant data you can filter out, transfer the spreadsheet into access and then run queries on it.
The problem I'm having is that they are two different spreadsheets, but they have common data. The cells don't match up for copying and pasting.

Is there a way to just tell a cell to read a cell in another Excel file and display that data?


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Import them both into access and then run the duplicate wizard and delete the common data, export and Viola' you have one spreadsheet and no duplicates.


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Don't have to use Access.. you can import/access data directly from another file from excel using SQL-like queries and a DSN

It might be easier to combine the two files into one big file and two seperate sheets. You can then do a "=sheet1!A2" (minus the quotes of course).
You'll need to open both .xls spreadsheets at the same time.

In the destination spreadsheet, click the cell that you want to link the data into. In this cell, type '='.

Click Window in the menu bar and select the other workbook.

Find the source cell and click it, then press 'Enter'.

Switch back to the destination workbook, and you'll see the link has been made.

As long as both workbooks are open, any changes to the source data will automatically be updated in the destination.

If the source workbook is not open, you'll be prompted when you open the destination workbook to update the data from the external workbook.

Alternatively, you can force a manual update. In the menu bar, click Edit, Links. The Edit Links dialog box opens. The Source File list box contains a list of all linking resources used in the active workbook. Select the link reference you want to update, and click the 'Update Links' button.

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