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Pushing Daisies


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Who is watching this show? Everyone should be, it's great! It was created by the same guy who made Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, which pretty much means its doomed to fail. I think that if enough people see it, maybe it'll stay on the air long enough to win an Emmy and then ABC will have to keep it around. Sort of like Fox with Arrested Development.


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heh.. well, i havent heard about it (since we get the shows a lot later over here...)

but sounds promising...


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funny.. I was just watching the last ep on my DVR. And having loved both Wonderfalls and Dead Like Me, I must say, I agree that it will probably be doomed to fail and join their ranks. Sadly, the smart, funny, and witty shows tend to fail in favor of other mindless drivel.


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I watched the first episode and part of the second. I liked it but I have feeling that the story line has a bit too much potential to get old. It is well done though- much different and than a lot of the other new shows out there.

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