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Purchase/Upgrade from iMac - options?


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There's a household I am helping with their IT situation and they are presently exclusively Mac based with two iMacs... They are looking to upgrade to add one more workstation and I have suggested they should go for more power - maybe a G5. Another contact of mine has the Mac that is white with the dome under the screen (what model IS that?) and I am wondering if that is also an option for them.

What do the Mac people here have to say, Speedy Dave? Techno? Others?
I'd acoid any powerpc based macs now. Look at intel Core based Mac products.

Alternativley they could be smart ad get a Windows based workstation and be dual platform. Best of both worlds.
Definately a new mac pro. If it's out of budget, then probably the dual g5 powermac. They are PPC, but still would be better than a smaller intel in my opinion.

btw.. the mac you are talking about is a G4 Imac. It would be best not to get one of those since they quit making them about 5 years ago?!


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What exactly are these machines going to be used for?

If the iMacs you are referring to are the colourful G3 iMacs (with in-built CRT) then pretty much anything from the current line-up will seem a million miles ahead in terms of speed.

For most people, the Mac Mini or MacBook will suffice. If they want something a little more powerful, then an iMac. I can't see anyone who's been running older iMacs needing anything more than the Mini though.


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The Intel-based iMac has some great benchmarks, so I would definitely recommend it over the iMac G5. The "dome" iMac is the G4, so upgrading to a G5 or the Intel would show them a huge improvement.

The mini might also be fine depending on their needs, but I would recommend the iMac since it's so simple with everything built-in.


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well - come the weekend I expect to take delivery of a brand spanking new 20" iMac 2.4GHz Intel Duo with 1GB DDR and 250 GB HD etc etc... I guess they should be happy with that! :cool:

Yeah, the budget changed in case you did not guess....

Oh and so far as Lords comment, well I am also building up a PC system with old 734 XPBarton and Radeon 9800 pro etc.... So hopefully they'll end up with the best of both worlds...

Anyone want an old first generation iMac? Purple? :dead:
Yeah, you know.... the purple kinda ruined it :p

Nice though, the 1gig of ram will probably really help it's speed. I played around with one that just had 128? maybe 512.. and my iBook G4 was faster :)


Debiant by way of Ubuntu
well whaddya know - UPS loaded my goodies up around 5:26 this AM....

so their world will be turning white instead of purple soon :cool:

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