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PSU recommendation

OK so i was searching thro the forums and i finally foudn that post with the list of how much Watts each pc part takes...and i calculated it according to the pc im geting in the future and i found out all i need is 287W which i already have...and it doesn't make sense b/c i thought i would need more...heres my future specs

2400+ athlon xp
ecs k7s6a (Cheapo)
gfx 5600
512 RAM


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300w power supply should be good. Though in order to have room for further expansion use something thats 350+ watts. A good power supply is always a good investment.


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in my opinion, get a nice and powerful one, with a big(but quite) fan. If you leave your computer on a lot, i would get a higher wattage one. for example i leave my computer on for days at a time when im downloading something big, so i got a 420Watt psu. but maybe thats a little bit of overkill.
400 watts for $20?! There must be a catch. And there is:

+3.3V -> 20A Orange
+5.0V -> 40A Red
+12V -> 12A Yellow
+5VSB -> 2A Purple
-5V -> 0.5A White
-12V -> 0.8A Blue

Only 12A on the +12V rail.

Read this power supply guide.

My Antec True430 has an overall output of 430 watts, and has 20A on the +12V rail. I wouldn't go any less than 15A on it.

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