PSU enough power ?

Stop windows from auto rebooting and look at the error message, also look into the event viewer and look for errors that are logged.
punkychan, is windows actually shutting down when it reboots or does it simply switch off and then start up again, much like it would if you pressed the hard reset button?
Dear Lancer and all the guys, sorry for the late reply as I had a meeting with my client this morning and was tinkering with the problem pc last night.
To answer Lancer's question - yes ! it is just like when you are surfing the net or clicking on to open folders - then it suddenly switch off and start again - as like you said "much like it would if you press the hard reset button"
I thought it was the video card and swapped the card last night - still happens.
PSU ?? Hard to say unless it is really dying out because used to hook up to 2 hard drives 2 optical drives 2 extra fans and 2 extra lightings mods - and was running well without glitches before.
RAM ? I did a Memtest and showed up okay - the only thing I didn't do was to run on 1 stick - (at the moment 2 sticks - 1 GB and 512 DDR unbuffered ).Anyway, already placed an order for a new psu (550W) and what else ?? yeah...I even did a fresh install in case I screwed up some of the registries...still the same.
Just a question : how do you type chkdsk/F - with the F parameters ? I tried but can only run chkdsk with no F parameters.How do you do it ?
In the event viewer it only showed application error.
Although I can still work with the other pc , but you know , having that box at home and your mind keep on cracking and saying 'why it won't work ' is the real bug.Any more suggestion ?
for chkdsk (and any command with parameters) you need a simple space after the command (IE CHKDSK /F). If it found no errors there is no point in rerunning though....

How long did you let memtest86 go for? Ideally you need like eight passes successful on the entire ram... I know this takes a looooong time....

What sort of thing was the application error in the event log? I would seriously try experimenting with your RAM sticks anyway, easy to do and if it fixes it you know right off....

I am suspicious of a hidden BSOD also - have you turned off the restart on failure in control panel > System > advanced > startup and recovery ?

Also check errors written to event log is checked there while you are there....

post back on all these if it is still buggin you
okay will do that as soon as I get back home and will post again.thanks
Memtest was done till 8...yes 8 ! no errors there
now at home testing....been running for the last 2 hours...seems okay ( till now ) will get you all posted to see if it happens again.
Completely took off everything and re-inserted all the cards,connectors,cables and whatever is in the box.

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