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PSU differences

Dr. Kramer

Who's Yo' Doctor?
anyone know the differences (besides the obvious) between the Antec SL350 and TRUE330? I've looked all over at review sites, but havent been able to get an actual answer. I'm trying to decide which to buy for my rig. Thanks


Dr. Kramer

Who's Yo' Doctor?
So now I'm wondering if I should go with the TRUE330 or 380. I'm considering upgrading the mobo, RAM, and vid card in the future (whilst keeping the processor). Would 330 be enough or should I just get the 380 to be sure?

-Addendum...I'm just gonna go for the 380 since it's only 8 bucks more. The only difference I see is the Max load at 5V is 35A (as oppoosed to 30A for the 330).


Dr. Kramer

Who's Yo' Doctor?
Ok, now my problem is that I don't know how big to go! Is it worth it to fork out a few more bucks for a TRUE430 (US 70$) or just go with the 330 (55$) or the 380 ($61). This is driving me insane!!! thanks for any help

i would get something over 400 because things are becoming more and more power demanding. if ur on a budget i'd get a raidmax - they are very reliable

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