PSU and video card Question

Depends also with what else your hooking it up with, I would go a little higher than 500watt ....
not only that, but you'll need PCI-Express power connectors, which the original X-Connect PSU's are lacking.
Not knowing what kind of system it is, overclocked, quad core, etc it's hard to tell what power requirements the system needs. I've always been leery of Ultra PSUs, I would opt for something like this if it's not a too-extreme system:
85% efficiency, 41 amps on the single 12v+ rail, 6 molex and 6 sata power connectors, 6-pin and 6+2-pin PCIe x16 connectors, one great PSU.
It is impossible to tell since the power supply website has NO technical detials on the pwoer supply. If you already own it look for a label on the power supply case that has a bunch of numbers. post those numbers. They will look like:
3.3V@35A, +5V@25A, +12V@18A, +12V@ 18A, etc.

The video card comes with one 6 pin to 4 pin connectoradapter cable. You will to connect that to oen of the 4 pin connectoprs on the power supply to feed the video card.

Also ditto on the above comments. We need to know the spec's on the rest of the PC. CPU type and speed, how many optical and hard drives, any add in cards, etc.

In general when the power spec's aren't posted by the manufacturer I would not expect too much from it. Just a power rating or 500W on the power supply really does not tell you anything. The website does not even mention what ATX standard version 1.1, 2.0, 2.01, etc it meets.

From the video card specifications:
System Requirements - 500 Watt or greater power supply with two 75W 6-pin PCI Express power connectors recommended (600 Watt and four 6-pin connectors for ATI CrossFireX technology in dual mode)
This power supply is really not intended for a high end video card.
LeeJend: as i already pointed out, the Ultra X-Connect doesn't have PCI-Express power connectors. the X2-Connect does though.

As for power requirements... all you'd have to do is select one of their other PSU's on the site he linked to, such as the 500w black version, and it shows the power specs. dunno why they didn't include it in every single one though.... *shrug*
i am currently running a PCI Express card(nvidia 7900gs) with the PCI express 6 pin connection. Using an AMD x5600+ with 4gigs of ddr2 800 gskill. 2 sata drives one is a terabyte, the other is 350gig. one dvd-rw. no pci cards.

nothing overclocked.
The power supply supports up to 34 amps on the 12V.

You are trying to run a high end processor and a high end video card. That is pushing your luck. It may work it may not.

First sign of problems will be if you start getting video lock ups or artifacts.

Personally I would not try it with that power supply, too much risk for my tastes.
look for information on the amp output on the +12v rail. For high end pc's this wants to be >20A for all of the +12V rails. Wattage can be anything >300W really.

My PC with Core 2 Quad 6600 clocked to 3.00Ghz, ATI Radeon 2900XT, 6 HDDs and 6GB ram only draws 295W at full load (tested with a metre on the power socket). I have an 800W PSU with something around 30A on +12v (very fuzzy memory not looked at the psu in a looong time and no longer have the box).
You must be really set on a modular PSU, you didn't even consider the Corsair PSU I posted up there, post #4. For what it's worth, I wouldn't recommend an Antec PSU either, just a little better than an Ultra in my book.
I have never had trouble with Ultra ... But Abit motherboards now don't get me started on those !
OH here we go...well with 'MacNoob' in your nic I see why! JUST KIDDING! Ever hear of PEBCAK?:p:laugh:
Do not buy an Antec Neo. They are the low end (cheap) part of the Antec line. Antec Truepower are good. The Antec EarthWatts seems ok. I'm 18 months into my first one with no problems.

You want a power supply with 2 +12V outputs rated at 18A each or higher. Total power 550W or higher.

Link to a power supply calculator but I think you have to pay for the version that computes Amps required on each voltage output.
great information guys really appreciate it. thanks for the info LeeJend. I will take that into consideration.

trukkman, i do like the modular, as its easier for cable management. I have taken your consideration into thought, so dont assume that i am not. :)
You want a power supply with 2 +12V outputs rated at 18A each or higher. Total power 550W or higher. [/URL]

Did you not read my post? I tested a high end PC and it could manage comfortably on 350W as long as the +12V had 20A+
Looks like a good choice. The SLI certified rating always gives me a warm fuzzy as does the high number of 5 ball ratings by owners.

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