PS3 Slim...who's going for it?

its the 3.0 firmware, SONY is looking into the matter for a fix soon.

I'm glad you told me that, I was about it throw it out the window.

Not off to the best start with first time PS3 owners, but whatever. I hope my copy of Demon's Souls gets here before they fix 3.0 so I have something to do.
Ah Reviving old threads...

Just started to play Uncharted 2, what a great game that is, it even push Metal Gear Solid 4 to the back of the queue for now.
I have no cash these days, PS3 Slim & Uncharted 2 I want so BAD!
finished playing uncharted 2, easily one of the best games i've ever played, the cut scenes are flawless and the character depth and interaction is like a Michael Mann movie. 11/10 easily.
I have the old, big and shinny PS3 80GB Console, currently available with a free game for under £230. Even with several games installed, quite a few demos and lots of media on the hard drive, 80GB is enough if you manage the disk space well. (PS3 80GB is no longer in production and only available while stocks last)
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Wow..ps3 slim is looking too awesome..
The PS3 slim attracts people because its 35% lighter & smaller then the fat PS3 and uses 50% less energy.
Performance wise, they are pretty much the same.
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[FONT=&quot]I am looking for the information in the field of play station ps3. Like when the company is thinking about starting to launch a new one.[/FONT]
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Anybody know if the wii is planning a price drop anytime soon?

I'd like to get one but can't afford 250 right now.

Two years later and it's dropping to 150. heh. I know. I know.
ive sold my ps3 slim last days on ebay... better now at 2012 than 2013 where i expect a new sony console... and then the prices will drop dead for the ps3 :dead:

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