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I just recently started using the PS3 Media Server program.

Works great for 90% of my files. The weird part is that a few files that aren't running 100% are containers that I have working (assuming its the encoding process of these certain ones). Though I know for sure that if I copyed at least one of these non-working files to my thumb drive and played, it would work fine.

So it's either PS3 Media Server and a setting that needs to be changed, though I can't seem to figure it out. Or it's something to do with my wireless network (though one of the files that don't work is quite small.)

I am sorta just brainstorming here, hoping for some ideas. Any one use this program, ideas or anything?


Oh and this is the program link, if you don't know what I am talking about.


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so far a mp4 file, and a mkv file. And as I said, this is the only mkv file out of many that work. So I am thinking it is one small setting that needs to be changed. The files work fine on my computer.


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PS3's does not support .mkv playback. (yet)

HD h264 works best. this explains why streaming from your PC to the PS3, as the PS3 cannot convert the files.


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I know it does not support it. That is why it's streaming through a service (PS3 Media Server) to allow it to play. It just happens that these 2 files, and there might be more don't work. Dictating that its a small setting that needs to be changed.

I guess no one knows anything. Darn.

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