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I just recently started using the PS3 Media Server program.

Works great for 90% of my files. The weird part is that a few files that aren't running 100% are containers that I have working (assuming its the encoding process of these certain ones). Though I know for sure that if I copyed at least one of these non-working files to my thumb drive and played, it would work fine.

So it's either PS3 Media Server and a setting that needs to be changed, though I can't seem to figure it out. Or it's something to do with my wireless network (though one of the files that don't work is quite small.)

I am sorta just brainstorming here, hoping for some ideas. Any one use this program, ideas or anything?


Oh and this is the program link, if you don't know what I am talking about.
what type of files are you having issues with ?
so far a mp4 file, and a mkv file. And as I said, this is the only mkv file out of many that work. So I am thinking it is one small setting that needs to be changed. The files work fine on my computer.
PS3's does not support .mkv playback. (yet)

HD h264 works best. this explains why streaming from your PC to the PS3, as the PS3 cannot convert the files.
I know it does not support it. That is why it's streaming through a service (PS3 Media Server) to allow it to play. It just happens that these 2 files, and there might be more don't work. Dictating that its a small setting that needs to be changed.

I guess no one knows anything. Darn.

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