Promise UltraTX2/100 PCI & Windows XP.



I have a Promise UltraTX2/100 PCI controller card. When I have my 30Gb Quantum Fireball AS+ hdd connected to it and I try to install WinXP, it says I dont have a Windows XP compatible partition available to install the OS onto even though I just specified 2 partitions (11gb C drive and the remaining as the D drive) just a moment earlier. It wont format the drive or anything although it does find the HDD to be able to create the partitions. I've contacted promise and they say WinXP has the drivers built into the OS. I have tried the Win2k drivers (F6 at start of install when it asks about SCSI/RAID adapters) and it even says there "Windows XP has a driver which can be used for this device" and I have the option to carry on with the Win2k driver, or to use the WinXP driver. Both options cause me getting the same error. However, when I put the HDD back onto the UDMA/33 socket in my mobo (QDI BrillianX 1S/2000 - 440BX chipset), and take the promise card out, it works fine and I can install with no problems.

I have considered maybe its a faulty card, but it works for Win2k and WinME. Win98 bsod's on install, but it always did cuz its a gatbage OS and I've always had problems with it (both first AND second editions).

Meanwhile the PC works fine without the promise card, but as I have the card there, I think I should really be using it.

Any thoughts?


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you have to change where the boot sector and primary partition pointers are. (boot.ini file) if windows already installed.

if doing a cold install and putting it on a drive thats connected to the card then when it asks for scsi drivers you have to install promise driver from floppy for it properly access new interfacce card
check promise's site for instructions


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i'd install xp with the drive connected straight to the board... and once it's up and going and the card's installed fine, just put the drive back on the card.


omg... promise have actually released WinXP drivers... I emailed them when I first went onto WinXP and had troubles with their card - and they said the WinXP cd had drivers for the card and it would be highly unlikely for them to making more drivers in the future due to newer models etc. tx2

they're there anyway :)


It's very hard to get an OS on a controller card...
Make sure you put the driver on a floppy and tap f6 when installing to load ther driver... You might also need to set your motherboard to boot from SCSI...

Even when done right it may not work... I've gotten through the whole set-up process only to reboot and have it not find an OS...


aye, i see what ya mean

thing which really bugs me though is that I can install Windows ME on it without a problem. I can install Win2k without a problem (pressing F6 on start of setup) but WinXP just seems to despise the card and will jus not work. My comp is due a format anyway - acting like a n00b :/ so i'll give it a go after that... At least I have new drivers from promise to put on a floppy disk to use that actually work on XP :)

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