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Prolem with Linksys Wireless Router?


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i got Linksys Broadband wireless router. I fixed it in sitting room that is round 15meters away from my room. but im having really low signals. I got laptop and wireless adaptor. is that problem with router setting or its due to my wireless adaptor? coz i didnt try it with different adaptor... but i tried with my psp but again low signal on that as well....
can any1 plzzz help me out ???:cry:


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Might not be a bad idea to walk around with your laptop too, test the signals in other areas of your establishment. This could help you pinpoint possible components of interference that celticfan was referring to.


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not enough obstacles jst a couple of walls. yup i tried to move my laptop. when i go nearer signals become stronger. but i think its my adaptor but not pretty sure thats y im not buying new adaptor. first want to make sure that it is adaptor or not
what kind of walls are they? Brick? Reg sheet rock? Is there metal in the walls? If hte signal goes through a few walls then it is not uncommon for the signal to be low. Depending on what type of wall it is.


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its jst bricks walls... obveiously wher every u put router ther ll b walls in da way otherwise no point to use wireless adaptor... i got one at another place but dat is workin properly more then this distance. i kept router at third floor n was wrkin properly at ground level...


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i tried changin channel but no effect. then i bought new pcmi WAN card for my laptop but still same problem. so finally dat meanz there is problem with Linksys router.
now can any1 plz tell me how to fix this problem?


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Have you verified the firmware is up to date?

Also, if it is under a year from the purchase you can call Linksys for support and they may replace it if they deem there is something wrong with it.

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