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Programs Disabling Aero


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Now everyone knows when something like a game or a HD movie is playing the aero interface gets disabled and makes since crappy looking. I never really bothered to question it, I understand it.

Though I would love to be able to keep Aero running while watching HD movies, cause I don't always have it fullscreen. Is there away to keep it running when I do things? Maybe someone could explain how it works and all that good stuff, then I can understand why.


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it does that because the program in question cannot run under aero correctly so vista disables it, it does it with me when i'm using Carrara


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Yea I understand that. So it's the program that makes the change to do it? Not Vista itself? So anyway to change it so it does not happen?


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it's a combination of the program causing problems with the aero interface so Vista disables the interface so the program can run.

You can change it not to happen by not running the program. Really, that's the only way :)

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