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program for listing programs?


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i was wondering if there was a program that can gather all the information of programs i have installed on my computer and allow me to print them out, im getting a new computer and want to make sure i have all the programs i need...
Assuming all your applications are installed in the Program Files folder, you can create a list without any third-party software.

cd "C:\Program Files"
dir > programs.txt
Open up programs.txt in Notepad and print out the list. :)
muzikool said:
I can't believe I never thought of that. I'd always take a screenshot of Add/Remove. :suprised:
Yeah, and the trouble with that is there are certain apps that don't use installers (just unzip and go), and those wouldn't be listed under the Add/Remove Programs panel. :)


Nor if you keep some programs installed in different folders.
ie: Some internet related apps I install to a folder called 'Net'.

Perhaps a screenie of something else? a place in the registry?

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