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Program Cleaner



I am using win 2000. What is a good program to clean all the crap off my computer. Temp files, Bad Reg files ect...


Perris Calderon

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guys, I'm not a great fan of the registry cleaners inless they're used prudently

you're best off using these programs to search the reg entries for programs that are no longer on your box, and, rather then the tool that finds dead entries

always use the backup tool when using these programs as well

when yu use the dead entry tool, you are going to find some 400 entries and more.

impossible to check every one of these entries, and then decide if you think it's worth the risk of deleting it

as I say, make sure you use the back up tool, and keep the file for a very long time

sometimes, you won't even know something is not functioning for months


carry on


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I would agree with Dealer here - I have used these tools and regretted it.

The only significant performance gain was the one I had after I re-installed XP...
I used the new 1.4 jv16 and Hipster Doofus had to save my ass. I've been a big fan of jouni over the years with RegCleaner and jv16 but 1.4 cleared out a thread that caused my links out of email to not connect. (I didn't backup) I can't be exactly positive, but I'm 99% sure. Be careful.. I've just stuck with RegCleaner 4.3. I'm also a big fan of Windown Washer 4.8.


After surfing the web for an hour or so I run a cleaning with that with my additional plugins and I can clean out 5 to 10 MB of crap.

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