Hi guys i have a P4 1.5 ghz ibought from tiny computers ages ago... I have upgraded most things except the processor. could i just upgrade it to another p4 processor?:D


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^^^What he/she said.^^^

We need more accurate info to give a more accurate answer,
but generically speaking, it should give you no problems.
Check out your mobo manual to find out max speeds it'll take :cool:


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you need to find out what kind of socket you have... basically...

intel mobo's don't support all intel cpu's so once you find out what it can handle you can consider upgrading


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well the chances are it probably will only let u upgrade up to a 2.0 maybe 2.2 if ur lucky anything higher then u probably would need a new mobo but like they say if you gives us more info on ur motherboard they its easier to help than speculate.


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It's a possibility, if the CPU isn't glued into the board. Time is one of those companies that has the mentality that everyone just buys a new computer every year rather than upgrading.

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