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Processor help


OSNN One Post Wonder
I just recently bought a 2.4 ghz celeron D processor with a 533 front side to replace my 1.6 ghz P4 with a 400 front side. I install the new processor and i get a blank screen. do I need to upgrade my mobo or am I just doing something wrong. please help. ty.
i dont think in any situations the computer fails to boot because the bios is not up to date, updating the bios just makes it better and fixes the bugs out


OSNN One Post Wonder
I just got a new motherboard from DFI that supports my new processor plus upgrades me to usb 2.0, gives me a nic, and SATA. TY for all the help so fast. I hope I can help in the future. TY again
Fish: if the bios doesnt recognise the CPU ID it wont boot.

Either you need to upgrade to the latest bios, or you need to tr the cpu in someone elses pc with a newer intel mainboard as you may have a dead chip.

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