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Procedurally Generated World - Amazing!


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This is absolutely amazing, this download which is under 200kb looks like a game that would be several hundred megabytes. The tech demo uses advanced compression algorithms and procedural generated content to create the world you see. This group has other tech demos to, and its pretty amazing but this is the latest work.


Looks better than some next gen games that are coming out.... just amazing. 177kb???
Wow. Very impressive. :)

By the way, from the readme:
- minimum:
* p4 2ghz or athlon 2000+ (with sse)
* 512mb ram
* ps2.0 capable graphics card with 128mb vram
* directx 9.0c

- recommended:
* core2duo or athlon x2 with >=2.4ghz
* 1024mb ram
* geforce 7600/radeon x1600 or better with 256mb vram


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No way!!! Where was all that music coming from? A 177KB file??

That was incredible. I saw one of these a few years ago which was around the same size and nowhere near as impressive. I can't believe how far this stuff has progressed!

How do they do that music?! MIDI?
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That was a beautifully done demo. Imagine a full blown game with that much detail and a small footprint of a file. Wow :eek:
the point of demos is to show off the capabilites of currently available hardware and the developers.

Not to prove that they have super-duper-awesome software raytracer version 1337....


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Sorry X-Istence, I apologise if I have offended you/the majority of the thread, I just tend to be put off by wow, this is great! tech demos.

Perris Calderon

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Sorry X-Istence, I apologise if I have offended you/the majority of the thread, I just tend to be put off by wow, this is great! tech demos.
dublex, the impressive part isn't the demo, the impressive part of this is the size of the download that gives us a demo that quality

anyway, I can't figure out how to come out of the demo without forcing my system down

task manager works but my cursor and keyboard don't, alt-f4 doesn't work...the only thing that gets me out of it is a force shutdown

also, it plays choppy on my laptop, I have dual core 64 bit turiton and two gigs memory, nvidia
FR stuff usually exits on esc or alt-f4 though there are bugs that mean it doesn't always work like that sometimes :) I've had it work one play through and not the next in the past, just pot luck really :)

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