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Problems with Vista!


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I have a few problems with Vista Ultimate!
Here is:

When I put the dvd w/movies in it....
I gives me this error message:


When I use Media center, click on Movies I
wanted to watch that is on my computer
it gives me this error message:

" Window Media Center stopped working "

I am unable to get this problem fix.
ending in = not being able to watch it using Media Center

Anyone have a solution to it?
God bless!


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explorer tries to create thumbnails for videos when you open the folder and the view is set accordingly. bad filters (likely nero's) don't work too well.

assuming nero is the problem here (this should work even if it isn't) you could either:

-uninstall nero
-install directshow filters with higher merit than nero's, eg ffdshow
-lower merit or unregister nero's filters

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I had a similar problem the other day where video files were not getting thumbnails created correctly -- and I actually think the issue is still continuing to some extent.

I basically had to go in and reimport .avi file types under HKCR and they started working after a logoff.

They are currentyl just black at the moment, but it is certainly a start, will be looking at deleting and reimporting some stuff later on to see if I can clear the issue.

I suspect it was Nero also.
As a follow-up, I was having Rundll32 crashes when opening Explorer windows with certain types of videos. Turns out Nero 6.x (which has known incompatibilities with Vista) was the cause. Uninstalled Nero, and everything's okay again. I'm not sure if Nero 7.x has the same problem, but I would try removing it temporarily if you have it installed.


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CCCP is ffdshow if you bothered to look...
i know what it is, and it contains ffdshow, not "is", among other things :)

however, if you absolutely, positively, must install a codec pack, CCCP is probably the "safest".
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I use cccp since it pre-configures FFDshow for the media I have on my pc.

If you think i'm better off just using vanilla ffdshow do tell :)


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Make sure you update Xvid if you use that - I've had plenty of Windows crashes (back to the 2000 days) because of dodgy codecs.

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