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Problems with Vista & Talk Talk Modem

Hello all, a friend of mine has a problem with their ISP Talktalk and the modem ( HUAWEI SmartAX MT882 ). The Modem worked previously with an old XP SP2 machine but now using Vista Home 32bit the modem will only connect through USB not ethernet. (Wired Connection) Connects to the net via usb speed is ok, can occasionally download big files .exe from guru3d. But trying to download updates for norton internet security 2008 results in the download starting then getting about half way then stopping. Same for downloading MSN Messenger and Windows Mail, as well attempting to manually download live-update for symantec and again same problem downloading incredimail. Attempted to disable NIS2008 firewall but still the same problem. Origionally installed modem using the old v2 cd of the talk talk software...software installed ok but connection tests failed although vista said it had a connection. So at the moment they can browse the internet for a short time before speed drops and webpages pause loading and cant seem to download alot of software without them pausing and then eventually failing. Phoned talk talk, set up modem via IE using the 192 address. Is there a vista driver for this modem? i cannot find one. Talk Talk said they would send a CD but they really cannot wait that long and tbh i doubt it would fix the problem as the router is nearly 3 years old and talk talks own make...which is rubbish.

Any help would be great.


Thank you.

Installed are the drivers from the old v2 CD which is for Win 98 and XP. I Cannot find Vista Drivers at all for the modem. I Think most people who had that router have since changed to a new one. But as stated i am trying to get vista driver for this modem rather than have it replaced.

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try plugging the modem into the usb port and then using windows update to see if there are drivers for the network card
Ethernet hardly works, USB gives us internet but keeps dropping and eventually goes off. Update programs wont work. Windows update failes with some error code like 8022F
I've manually installed all the updates for symantec and then other various devices. Windows update now occasioanlly works but after 10 or so mins the connection drops and some services i.e windows update wont connect.

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first off what motherboard do they have or is it a store bought pc? if so hat model, have they tried getting a vista driver for the network card? or have they just thought they could use the xp cd? have you spoken with talk talk?
Spoke to talk talk they are sending a vista compatable CD for a non Vista compatable Device...the modem. They have a Silver Dell inspire PC, quite a small machine. Not sure what motherboard they have but they have SP1 installed and are 100% up to date with updates and drivers bar the Modem.

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