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problems with Vista 5270 install


OSNN One Post Wonder

i have an MSDN subscription and i have installed the Vista CTP from Technet DVD Disc 0208.10 and used one of two licence keys for the install.

my question is, unless i am being really thick, is, where is the client ISO!! i have installed this and it is the Server edition! this is despite it being described on the DVD as 'Windows Vista Community Technology Preview 32 Bit and 64Bit Build 5270 etc'!

i notice that it will accept two different licence keys, one for server, and one for Vista with IE7.

can anyone point out what i am missing here, i do not have any other DVD's that mention VIsta, so it must be this one??? or is it?



OSNN One Post Wonder
I am a little surprised.....

that no one has responded to my other posting, am i asking a stupid question or does no one know the answer??

having downloaded the 5270 build again, and achieved exactly the same result (it is installing the Longhorn Server Beta 1, in fact it is identical to the client i have seen in terms of the build and number on the lower right hand o fthe screeen but its not the client, it has the word server at the bottom!!)

if someone can point me towards the correct download i would be grateful!

thanks in advance

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Welcome to OSNN, Kerry. I must have missed your post earlier. :)

You're right about the fact that the 5270 image accepts keys for both Longhorn Server and Vista Client and installs the appropriate OS. It sounds to me like your media is fine, but you might have received the wrong key, which is why it's installing LH Server instead of Vista. Have you tried contacting MSDN Support or posting this issue on the Managed Newsgroups?


OSNN One Post Wonder
hi there Netryder and thanks for the reply,

thats what i thought, i have the licence keys for all of the variations, and i have used all of them and they install the same software!!!!!!

if you have the means, i am happy to send my keys privately to you so that i can check which one i am using,can i assume that i can install a 64bit client on this basis???

thanks once again

You can install the x64 client only on x86-64 machines (with Athlon64 CPUs or Intel CPUs with EM64T).

I'm not sure how I'd be able to help even if I saw your keys. My suggestion is to contact the MSDN staff directly. That's your best bet, and they should be able to resolve the issue pretty soon if it's simply a problem with the product key.


OSNN One Post Wonder
hi Netryder

ii will get my keys checked with MSDN as you say, i ahve an Athlon 64Bit so it should install then

thanks for your swift replies!


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