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Problems with UXTheme, and StyleBuilder


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The is more of an intermitint problem. I am using the NTFS version of the UXTheme Patcher... and windows XP Pro, version 2600.xpsp2.030422-1633 (Service Pack 1) <-- this is taken right off my desktop using the tweakUI option. Sometimes, When I apply a theme from StyleXP, the style doesnt load, and my style switches to the windows classic theme, and in order to get any non-windows theme to work, I need to delete both .bak files of the UXTheme file, and then re-run the patcher. After a restart, it works, and I can use the theme. my question is in two parts. Has this happened to anyone else.. and do you know any other better way to edit MSStyle files, besides StyleXP by tgt soft, or using RegHacker.

you shouldnt use the patcher with StyleXP as StyleXP patches the file in memory, so the patcher kinda screws it up.
BTW the patcher doesnt work for me with XP SP1, so I use a pre-hacked version and use the Recovery Console to set it up
get the prehacked uxtheme.dll here


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I completely agree Zedric... Any chance a mod could move this to the correct location... I was browsing the forums when wrote this, and a cookie on my machine must have been messed up when i wrote this... Thanks for the heads up.



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not that i know of... all i've run are SP1... and all the updated off of WindowsUPDATE... i d have the FRAMEWORK sp2... that could be the SP2 coming from on my desktop...

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