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Problems with registry permissions in Vista


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I've recently been having problems with my registry permissions on my Vista machine. The problems first occurred after updating iTunes to the latest version. Since then, every time I opened iTunes I received a message saying "Please wait while Windows configures iTunes..." 10-15 seconds later iTunes would open normally but I didn't think this was normal. I Googled my problem and found a fix which turned out to be loss of permission to a registry key. I restored permissions and have had no trouble since then with iTunes.

Yesterday I installed Office 2007, and the problem has returned. With any of the Office programs that I open, I get the same configuration notice. Again, I scoured the internet and discovered that many of my registry keys have lost full control, and some I can't even assign an owner to. I can't uninstall Office because of a registry error. I get the same error when trying to repair the installation.

I am running Vista Ultimate with one user account.

Is there a general fix for this problem?


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I got this issue with Messenger live. I couldn't figure it out and it drove me nuts to say the least. I am still looking for a resolution to it. If you find please let me know also ..


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You can use subinacl - while not confirmed on their site it supposedly works with Vista.


Vista also has a new tool called TAKEOWN, but I don't believe that will do registry. Subinacl can be used to reset your registry permissions globally.


I used it with XP once and it fixed an issue I had with Adobe Flash Player. Can't personally comment on use for Vista as I haven't, but as I mentioned I've read it works. As always, make a backup of your registry and probably make a restore point too before proceeding.
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