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problems with phoebe octupus router/network


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hello! i've just switched to hi-speed internet, and I have two computers I want to connect via my phoebe octopus router. one runs xp and one runs 98

now, i have used this router before in a different house, so I know it works, but here it doesn't work because it can't locate my computer's MAC address, and so won't use the router. I don't want to pay 10$ for an extra line...so I need help!

How do I clone the MAC address with a Phoebe Octupus router? All other places list help for routers like Linksys and D-link, but I need it for my Octopus.

I'm not sure how to access the router on my computer, since it doesn't show up as any program or anything like that. I'm not particularly savvy with networks and computers yet, so any simple explanations would be extremely helpful

(also, I hope my question made sense)
First off, welcome to the forums! :)

Secondly, I've never heard of this brand, so I can only keep things general.

Most routers have a web interface. It can be reached by typing in (or whatever the IP of the router is, this may vary). Here is where you will find any function to clone your MAC address.

The process of cloning your MAC address shouldn't really be needed. If your ISP locks on MAC addresses, you should be able to just call them and say that you changed your network card or got a new computer. Most ISP:s, as far as I know, don't have a problem with people using routers, so just saying you got a router should work too.

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