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hi, i used partition magic 8 to make a partition on my hard drive. so i needed to resize one of the partitions so i went to partion magic 8 and i put in the size i wanted it to be and what not. so it asked me to restart the computer so it could resize the partition and upon start up i got an error saying "xmnt 2002 program not found...skipping autocheck mode" and then it boots up to windows with no problem but it does not resize the partition. thing is now whenever i boot up my computer that error comes out. what is xmnt2002? how can i fix this problem? and more importantly how can i get partition magic to resize my partition? thanks in advance.


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XMNT is a way of mounting & umounting your cdrom & floppy under Linux.
I would guess you are not running Linux...will look around some more and see what I can find.



xsivforce, i would really appreciate it. and you are right, i am not running linux, i am running windows xp home edition. i tried looking for some info on this but either i end up at some foreign page or at something that has nothing to do with my situation. once again, thank you.


Prodigal Son
Best I can find is at Powerquest's knowledgebase.

Solution: Close down all TSRs (Terminate-and-Stay-Resident Programs), and then install PartitionMagic again. If the error still occurs, copy the XMNT2002 file from another system that has PartitionMagic installed on it, and place the file in the \WINNT\SYSTEM32 folder.

Pretty much, a re-install of Partition Magic should solve the problem.


once again, xsivforce, you were right. a reinstallation of partition magic was the solution. so now i have a freshly resized partition and no start up error. thank you so very much. i really appreciate it.


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