Problems with network and aol 6



Not a very serious problem just something that is really annoying me......

I have networked about 9 computers on to a home network.....they all work fine, communicate with others in games etc......

The thing is when aol is not installed, browsing others computers is instant (like is should be)......but once aol is installed, browsing the network is really slow and and always stops responding.....

any suggestions.........????????
Well, first suggestion is not to use AOL =) AOL is most likely at blame for these effects though. I haven't used it in such a long time, but at least back around 4.0 & 5.0, AOL's networking protocols were somewhat proprietary and they installed their own networking devices sometimes. (IF I remember right.) And the fact that you know it's AOL removes most any doubt. So your next solution might be AOL tech support or an AOL support forum, since I don't think there are too many AOL users that frequent the message board. But hopefully someone has some tidbit to help you.
Yes AOL (dirty, nasty word) does install it's own protocols which are compatible with virtually nothing else. So I figure that's your problem.

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