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problems with need for speed underground



ha anyone else not been able to play this online? i go to the play online option, opens up internet explorer, i click on the green button, and then it tells me that it doesn't need a patch, but won't let me online to play anyway... and continues to say i need a patch... that isn't required... what the hell???
Hmm...I just got the game a couple of days ago. Haven't tried online yet. "Go Underground" mode is so damn addictive.
Awesome game, just like all it's predecessors. :)


yah, i liked the other ones, and so does my bro, that plays single player right next to me... kind astupid that we can't play together on a game that used to have lan support...


yah, but only if it was networkable... like all the other need for speeds...
i like my sentra se R though...


Really, it's a failure in my book.

-A big deal was made about the fact that Underground was going to have "revolutionary" body damage and physics. It does not.

-No Lan Play

-AA works very bad if it all

-No LAN play and limited multiplayer options. After all these years, not one single racing game has captured the simple fun of Midtown Madness. Cops & Robbers / Grab the Gold were the most fun racing multiplayer styles I haver ever played (There is a city and randomly in the city a floating bar of gold is place. Depending on the server setup, the bar of gold could have no weight or be very heavy to the car. You touch the gold and you have it. The player with the gold shows up on RADAR and they have to try to make it to a "base" to deposit the gold for points. Raming the gold carying vehicle hard enough would make that vehicle drop the gold so that anyone could pick it up, and you could pass gold to a teammate if their car was close to yours... amazingly fun stlye of multiplay for a racing game).


Originally posted by ~bk
Is NFS Underground really good.... i mean.. is it worth buying it??? :confused:
It's good, it's fun, and it's fun for a good amount of time. The car customizations are really nice.

If the price was down to $35, I'd say it would be a must buy. ;)

Above $35.... I'd say you could wait.


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Okay I played this with my friends a couple of days ago. I love the handling, it is tight enough to be challenging, yet loose enough to make it fun. We had a little elimination tournament thing, and guess who won? :p


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I am so addicted. heh. I've been playing it all day now. Just got in the rankings. I love my Ford Focus ... but when do all the hot cars come in?
I'm definitely not a regular gamer...I just like the NFS series and some flight/space sims like Decent Freespace 2 etc.
But this game seriously had me hooked for a while. Now I've taken the CDs and hidden them from my sight so that I don't get distracted just before finals.

But yeah, I do miss LAN gameplay.
I have beaten the game at the hard diff. and i must say the skyline gtr is the best racing and drag car.
but for drift i use the 350 z


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You use different cars for different modes? Are we allowed to have two different cars at a time without having to trade one in?

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