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Problems with Auto login-Quick Launch-Folder views

Log in-For several months I've had problems with the auto login feature. I used used the "control userpasswords2" method as well as the TweakUI logon feature, but on reboots I'd always have to enter my user name to boot to windows.
Folder Views-I also have had issues for a very long time after reboots with windows remembering folder views, as it would always default to tiles.
Quick Lauch-After rebooting a couple times my Quick Lauch icons would dissapear and I would always have to R. click>ToolBars>QuickLauch to get it back.
I have found a solution that is working for me. Remember to save your registry settings to revert back. Don't mess with your registry unless you know what you are doing. This has solved my problem with the above issues. Delete the following in your registry and reboot:


This is no longer working, but worked for about 4 or 5 boots. I thought I had it fixed. Folder views not holding, and unable to automatically login, however the quick launch icons are sticking,. so far.
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Are you using any type of washing application like ccleaner or an equivalent? I know, for instance, that Webroot Window Washer (my app of choice) has an option to wash recent logon information, which if the autologin is setup, will get erased and have to be re-entered.

As an alternative, you could try creating a new user account, and trying with that. It also sounds like Windows is having problems saving certain options to your registry hive for the HKCU. Creating a new profile with some testing may shed some light on the situation. Good luck mate :)


I'm sorry Hal...
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Is there any other users on the system?
check in the users option in the control panel. some users (such as ones .net framework installs) don't show on the login screens

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