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Problems with a PCChips M75LMRT


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I have a problem with my mobo that is killing me. It used to work perfectly until last week when I turn it on and it didn't even show me anything on screen. No characters, no bios screen nothing. The system starts bacause all the LEDS the procesor and the CD DVD ROM Drives start running. But the Standby LED is always on wich it didn't used to. The CD and DVD ROMS are always running like if it was trying to read them. There is NO beep when I turn it on. If I take the memory out and turn on the system to see if it gives me the no memory beeps, it doesn't do them. I think that I should change the bios chip but Im not sure. What can be the problem? Thanks for helping me.
If your m/b died not much will help, unfortunately. All I can do is give you some ideas that I'd try in a similar situation. Try resetting the bios for one... you should have a jumper for that on your m/b somewhere. If no joy with that, I'd pull everything except the essentials (video, memory, keyboard) and see what happens. Then I'd try another power supply to rule that out. If I still couldn't get it to post I think i'd weigh the cost of a new bios chip against that of a whole new board, or a whole new system for that matter, before I decided what to do with the defunct system in question.

If all else fails you might consider calling a shop and see what they charge to troubleshoot your problem for you. I wouldn't just buy stuff 'hoping' it was the right thing w/o knowing for sure. A tech shop will have a whole battery of testing equipment that Joe User just has no day to day need for... but then again, it would depend on how much they charge for the service before I took it in.

Good luck and I hope you get it figured out soon.


OSNN One Post Wonder
Thanks for the help, I already changed he bios chip but nothing new. I would take the PC to a shop but I dont have the cash to pay for it. So I better just wait to buy another board. Thanks again.

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