Problems Extracting Compressed Files.

Discussion in 'Windows Desktop Systems' started by SwampDonkey, Feb 29, 2008.

  1. SwampDonkey

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    I'm having problems extracting compressed .rar files, no matter what size they are. I always receive numerous crc errors on every file i try to extract. I have tried WinRar, WinAce, 7-Zip, and Winzip. I have tried re-downloading the files, (theres about 10 of them) and they range in size from 700MB to 6.5 GB. This still doesn't work. I've also ran a memory test with memtest86 and had no problems with my RAM. I've also tried disabling my anti-virus program while downloading them. None of these work. I have a Dell Inspiron and I am running Windows Vista Home Edition.

    Any suggestions are greatly appreciated, as I have tried everything i know of, and still can't figure out the problem.
  2. falconguard

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    Are you sure you are not downloading .iso images? Sometimes a compression program will misidentify an Iso file as a RAR. or zip. Nothing is wrong with these, you would just need to burn them as .iso images.