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problems connecting to ntfs


Act your wage.
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I've been having problems recently, and especially today, with connecting to NTFS and the forums. I was wondering whether or not it is just me. I thought it might be my internet connection dropping off occassionally, but other sites seem to load fine during the times I can't access this site. At the most, I can't connect for 5 minutes or so, and then it comes back. Sometimes I go to submit a post, and it takes me to a "page cannot be displayed," but it turns out that my post went through anyway. :confused:


Act your wage.
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Originally posted by PseudoKiller
yeah I hear that all the time from my wife... :confused:
You just couldn't resist could you? I knew someone would take advantage of that right after I read her post. :p


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Sooo [e]-Punk only lets ya touch "some" things ay Jewelzz.

No wonder he's not here as much... ya got'em all wore out. :p

*runs... hides*

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