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problems burning ISO with Nero (blank CD)


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Hi all,

I am trying to burn a ISO file onto a CD. I selected "burn CD as image" and the process started, everything seemed to work fine, but when the process completed, the CD was blank. Nothing on it at all. I thought maybe it was just a bad CD, did it again, same problem.

There isn't a problem with the CD burner itself--I've burned many CDs before, using Nero. The ISO file is fine, too (I think it is, anyway... I can open it with Winrar and view the files in it, so there's no reason that I can think of that the CD would end up blank).

Any suggestions?

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Not sure if this is how you did it but....

You open Nero Burning ROM and then click cancel on the "New Compilation" window. Now make sure your burner is selected in the drop down box at the top right and not the "image recorder". Go to the top and select "recorder" > "Burn Image..." and point it to your iso file.


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You can try mounting the image using a virtual drive (try daemon tools). If there's still problems, then the image is most likely corrupted. If everything's ok, then there's a problem with the burning process and you might want to try out some other burning software.

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