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Problems after downgrading GPU


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I had my comp working well with a Gainward 6800 GT card (AGP). I wanted to try installing a Radeon 7000 card, to reduce the noise level. I've uninstalled all graphics card related drivers with a special uninstaller program available form guru3d.com.

With Radeon 7000, my comp has following symptoms:

- When booting to WinXP, it gets to desktop only in safe modes and VGA mode.

- When trying to boot normally, monitor goes to power saving mode when XP welcome screen should be displayed. After a while the monitor turns back on and the display is corrupted. If after this I push reset button, comp restarts but display stays corrupted. If I reset before screen corruption, it will restart ok.

- Initially also the text mode was a bit corrupted ("jerky" pixels), but this was remedied with setting AGP aperture from 256 mb to 64 mb.

- If I try to install any ATI driver, I get "Zero display device error" during install.

- Tried to change CPU-to-AGP driver to Microsoft default driver, doesn't help.

- If I try to repair/reinstall from WinXP CD, I get a BSOD 0x0000007B (0xf7c8163c, 0xc0000034, 0x00, 0x00) after setup says "Starting Windows".


motherboard abit is7-e
cpu p4 nothwood 2.8 g
ram 1 g kingston ddr
graphics card radeon 7000
case Arctic Cooling Silentium T1

Any help would be appreciated ;- )
youknow its easier to buy a new vga hsf assemly than it is to jump back about 5 years in graphics technology :p

I'm not entirely sure the 7000 will sit well with XP either. I would suggest getting the latest Ati Catalysts (5.7) and trying your luck with that - either that or a clean install.

your best option is to stop being absotivley posolutley crazy and shove the 6800GT back in, get a vga silencer and be happy :)


There is no answer!
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it sounds to me like the card is damaged, plain and simple, it will work fine with XP no probs, so either you corrupted something when you used an external program to delete the drivers (you could just have easily uninstalled them yourself), or the card itself is simple damaged, and thats would i would steer towards. If you have another pc try testing the 7000 on that and see if you have the same issues.


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Yes the first thing I did was uninstall the drivers and after that run cleaner - naturally lots of stuff was still on hd. I'll send it back and ask for another specimen.
Before you return the 7000.

Reinstall your MB agp driver, you may have corrupted it when doing the first clean up.
Uninstall the 7000.
Run download and run "drivercleaner" if that was not the software you used.

If the 7000 starts working at any point stop at that step.

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