Problem with web cam weird~~

Discussion in 'General Hardware' started by paul_43, Aug 6, 2002.

  1. paul_43

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    I have a web cam acer 300mini, I am sure the hardware is not damaged because I tried it on my friend's computer and it worked fine. every time I start the web cam and the screen splits to two with different color (see attachment).. do anyone knows what's happening?? I tried to uninstall the driver and reinstall it ... didn't help.. Thanks for any idea...

  2. MDurai

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    Does your webcam offer a program where you can solely use it to view yourself and take pictures?
    Try that and if you are getting the same thing then make sure the drivers are XP Compatible and if they arent obtain Compatible ones,
    Also make sure you arent having any hardware conflicts in your Device Manager
  3. paul_43

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    it didn't say I have hard ware conflict... .. and It didn't come with software.. only the driver...
  4. Geffy

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    have you tried reconfiguring Netmeeting, or tried anyother webcam software like Jasc Paint Shop Pro 7, it can aquire an image from a webcam or webcamXP maybe. Both can get images from the webcam, it might be a netmeeting problem.
  5. paul_43

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    I tried a few... yahoo messenger .. net meeting.. movie maker... they all have the same problem.. Thanks
  6. Quaksyx

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    What type of video card do you have? Go into your video driver settings and make sure that you have the overlay zoom function turned off in the Overlay Controls...

    I had this same problem w/ my TV tuner window when this setting was enabled.

    Hope that helps...

  7. jonocainuk

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    have u tried loading the webcam up through my computer also?
  8. paul_43

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    how do you load a webcam up through my computer? what do you mean by that exactly?