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Problem with TV tuner

Hi, I'm having this problem with my ATI TV Tuner. It will record everything just fine, but when I set it up to record, and click the "log off" button on my keyboard (which does not log out, but merely brings it back to the logon screen and requires a password to get back in) it will stop (or not start) recording. All of my other open files are fine, but for some reason it won't record. Any ideas?



OSNN Senior Addict
instead of logging off with your buttong on the keyboard try using windows key+L

if this doesnt work, its proly the app that wont work while the pc is locked. may need to look into the products support


OSNN Addict
I had this problem as well, I don't believe that the standard ATI Tv Tuner software will allow you to record while the computer is locked. At least I never found a way around it.

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