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Problem with SuSe live evaluation CD


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I wanted to try out a linux distro which I will be putting on my new hard drive. I downloaded the live evaluation version of SuSe (LiveCD-9.1-01.iso) and copied it onto a CD using Nero. I changed by BIOS to boot from a CD and got the message "Disk Boot Failure, Insert System disk and press enter". I tried booting from my WindowsXP CD and it booted fine. Am I missing a step somewhere or do I have to make a different CD from the downloaded iso?

Or should I give up and try another version of Linux that runs from a CD?


OSNN Senior Addict
After reading my own post, I realized that I had created the wrong type of CD. After creating an image on the CD, it loaded fine.

Now a different problem. I have 512meg of memory. Since the entire operating system is now in memory, is this why the system seems so sluggish. I assume that if I installed the system, it would run a lot faster.

By the way, I'm replying from the land of Linux.

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